Nickname english

nickname english

nickname meaning, definition, what is nickname: an informal name for someone or something, especially a name that you are called by your. Learn more. English feminine names and typical nicknames. Английские женские имена и типичные уменьшительные имена. Nickname definition: A nickname is an informal name for someone or something. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. For example, a man with red hair will be given the nickname 'Blue' or 'Bluey'. Personal names and anthroponymy. Nearby words of 'nickname'. Siehe dazu auch die Ankündigung durch Microsoft zum Casino slots free download der verschiedenen InternetExplorer-Versionen. Katherine, Katharine, Kathryn, Kathrine, Kathrynne, Katrina — Kate, Kathie, Kathy, Katie, Katy, Kay, Katty, Kattie, Sizzling hot demo, Kitty, Kittie. Women's Names and Nicknames The names in the list below are common feminine given names for example, Katherine, Patricia and their typical nicknames including pet names for example, Kate, Katie, Pat, Patty. For example, a man with red hair will be given the nickname 'Blue' or 'Bluey'. Antonomasia Athletic nickname Australian national sports team nicknames Calling name Category: Cooking words August 02, Some examples of nicknames related to physical characteristics include:. Personal names and anthroponymy. Terms related to names are described in English Names in the section Vocabulary. The etymology of Game Of Thrones. Please report any problems. Times, Sunday Times What does the South African term gogga mean? Teresa, Theresa, Therese — Terry, Terri, Teri, Terrie, Tess, Tessa, Tessie, Tracy, Trissie, Trissy;.

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The term diminutive name refers to nicknames that convey smallness, hence something regarded with affection or familiarity e. Many writers, performing artists, and actors have nicknames, which may develop into a stage name or pseudonym. Vocabulary English Names English Names Forms of Address Men's Names and Nicknames Women's Names and Nicknames Unisex Names and Nicknames Russian Names in English English Text Russian Names in English Russian Text Topical Vocabulary Family and Relatives Jobs and Professions Appearance and Character Places in the City Weather and Temperature Clothes and Accessories Stores and Consumer Goods Food Products Short List Food Products Main List Holidays and Parties Telephone Spelling Names on the Phone Typical Day Health and Diseases Colors British and American Vocabulary Exercises for Vocabulary Ex. Which newspaper was once nicknamed The Thunderer? Teresa, Theresa, Therese — Terry, Terri, Teri, Terrie, Tess, Tessa, Tessie, Tracy, Trissie, Trissy;. nickname english Translation - Comment Hi, Does somebody haven idea for zodiac casino free spins nickname for me? This is a book of ra 5 kopfe of endearment. The term diminutive name refers to nicknames that convey smallness, hence something regarded with slots bier or familiarity william hill casino review. Nicknames may be based on a person's name or various attributes. Their Use and Local Impacts" Archived at the Wayback Machine.

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In Indian society, for example, generally people have at least one nickname call name or affection name and these affection names are generally not related to the person's proper name. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view. Nicknames Epithet Honorific nicknames in popular music Legal name List of basketball nicknames List of city nicknames in Colorado List of ethnic slurs by ethnicity List of monarchs by nickname List of nicknames of European Royalty and Nobility List of nicknames of jazz musicians List of nicknames of United States presidents List of North American football nicknames List of sportspeople by nickname Lists of nicknames — nickname list articles on Wikipedia Lists of nicknames in association football Pet name Pseudonym Regimental nicknames of the Canadian Forces Sobriquet Synecdoche Terms of endearment Victory titles. Also common prefixes for names can be used as a nickname:. Translation Spitzname Sources Es ist exakt, was Karen bereits oben gesagt hat. Terms related to names are described in English Names in the section Vocabulary. New Words smellscape noun July 31, The names in the list below are common feminine given names for example, Katherine, Patricia and their typical nicknames including pet names for example, Kate, Katie, Pat, Patty. Wiki says that the name comes from Trending Words Most popular in the world Australia Canada India Malaysia Pakistan Spain the UK the US the world. I'm back from holiday and have cha Translation - Comment Hi, Does somebody haven idea for a nickname for me? Names — Nicknames Aaron , Aron — Ron, Ronnie, Ronny; Abel — Abe, Abie; Abner — Ab, Abbie; Abraham, Abram — Abe, Abie, Bram; Adam — Ad, Addie, Addy, Ade; Adelbert, Adalbert — Ad, Ade, Al, Bert, Bertie, Del; Adrian — Ade; Alan, Allan, Allen — Al; Albert — Al, Bert, Bertie; Alexander — Al, Alex, Alec, Aleck, Lex, Sandy, Sander; Alfred — Al, Alf, Alfie, Fred, Freddie, Freddy; Algernon — Algie, Algy, Alger; Alister, Allister, Alistair, Alastair, Alaster — Al; Alonso, Alonzo — Al, Lon, Lonnie, Lonny; Alphonso, Alfonso — Al, Alf, Alfie, Alonso, Lon; Alva, Alvah, Alvan — Al; Alvin, Alwin, Alwyn — Al, Vin, Vinny, Win; Ambrose — Ambie, Brose; Amos; Andrew — Andy, Drew; Angus — Gus; Anselm, Ansel — Anse; Anthony, Antony, Anton — Tony; Archibald — Arch, Archie, Baldie; Arnold — Arnie; Arthur — Art, Artie; Augustus, August — Augie, Gus, Gussy, Gust, Gustus; Augustine, Augustin — Augie, Austin, Gus, Gussy, Gust; Austin see Augustine ; Avery — Avy; Baldwin — Baldie, Win; Barrett — Barry, Barrie; Bartholomew — Bart, Barty, Bartlett, Bartley, Bat, Batty; Basil — Baz, Basie; Benedict — Ben, Bennie, Benny; Benjamin — Ben, Bennie, Benny, Benjy, Benjie; Bennet, Bennett — Ben, Bennie, Benny; Bernard, Barnard — Bernie, Berney, Barney, Barnie; Bert — Bertie see Albert, Adelbert, Bertram, Delbert, Egbert, Elbert, Gilbert, Herbert, Hubert, Lambert, Osbert, Robert, Wilbert ; Berthold — Bert, Bertie; Bertram, Bertrand — Bert, Bertie; Bill — Billy, Billie See William, Willis ; Blair; Blake; Boris; Bradford — Brad, Ford; Bradley — Brad; Brady; Brandon, Branden — Brand, Brandy; Brenton — Brent; Bret, Brett; Brian, Bryan, Bryant; Broderick — Brodie, Brody, Brady, Rick, Ricky; Bruce; Bruno; Burton — Burt; Byron — Ron, Ronnie, Ronny; Caleb — Cal; Calvin — Cal, Vin, Vinny; Cameron — Cam, Ron, Ronny; Carey, Cary, Carry; Carl, Karl; Carol, Carrol, Carroll; Casey, Kasey; Caspar, Casper — Cas, Cass; Cassius — Cas, Cass; Cecil — Cis; Cedric — Ced, Rick, Ricky; Charles — Charlie, Charley, Chuck, Chad, Chas; Chester — Chet; Christian — Chris, Christy, Kit; Christopher, Kristopher — Chris, Kris, Cris, Christy, Kit, Kester, Kristof, Toph, Topher; Clarence — Clare, Clair; Clare, Clair; Clark, Clarke; Claude, Claud; Clayton — Clay; Clement — Clem; Clifford — Cliff, Ford; Clinton — Clint; Clive; Clyde; Cody; Colin, Collin — Cole; Conrad — Con, Connie, Conny; Corey, Cory; Cornelius — Connie, Conny, Corny, Corney, Cory; Craig; Curtis — Curt; Cyril — Cy; Cyrus — Cy; Dale ; Daniel — Dan, Danny; Darrell, Darrel, Darryl, Daryl — Darry; David — Dave, Davey, Davie, Davy; Dean, Deane; Delbert — Del, Bert, Bertie; Dennis, Denis — Den, Denny; Derek, Derrick — Derry, Rick, Ricky; Desmond — Des; Dexter — Dex; Dominic, Dominick, Domenic, Domenick — Dom, Nick, Nicky; Don — Donnie, Donny; Donald — Don, Donnie, Donny; Donovan — Don, Donnie, Donny; Dorian; Douglas, Douglass — Doug; Doyle; Drew see Andrew ; Duane, Dwayne; Dudley — Dud, Duddy; Duke; Duncan — Dunny, Dunk; Dustin — Dusty; Dwight; Dylan, Dillon; Earl , Earle; Edgar — Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned; Edmund, Edmond — Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned, Ted; Edward — Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned, Ted, Teddy; Edwin — Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned; Egbert — Bert, Bertie; Elbert — El, Bert, Bertie; Eldred — El; Elijah, Elias — Eli, Lige; Elliot, Elliott — El; Ellis — El; Elmer — El; Elton, Alton — El, Al; Elvin, Elwin, Elwyn — El, Vin, Vinny, Win; Elvis — El; Elwood — El, Woody; Emery, Emmery, Emory — Em; Emil, Emile — Em; Emmanuel, Emanuel, Immanuel, Manuel — Manny, Mannie; Emmet, Emmett — Em; Eric, Erik, Erick — Rick, Ricky; Ernest, Earnest — Ernie; Errol; Ervin, Erwin, Irvin, Irvine, Irving, Irwin — Erv, Vin, Win; Ethan; Eugene — Gene; Eustace — Stacy, Stacey; Evan — Ev; Everard — Ev; Everett — Ev; Fabian — Fabe, Fab; Felix — Lix; Ferdinand — Ferdie, Fred, Freddie; Fergus, Ferguson — Fergie; Floyd — Floy see Lloyd ; Ford see Bradford, Clifford, Sanford ; Francis — Frank, Frankie, Franky, Fran; Franklin, Franklyn — Frank, Frankie, Franky; Frederick, Frederic, Fredrick, Fredric — Fred, Freddie, Freddy, Rick, Ricky; Fred — Freddie see Alfred, Frederick, Wilfred, Winfred ; Gabriel — Gabe, Gabby; Garrett, Garret — Gary, Garry Geoffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffery — Jeff; George — Georgie, Geordie; Gerald, Gerard — Gerry, Jerry; Gilbert — Gil, Bert; Glenn, Glen; Gordon — Gordy, Don; Graham; Grant; Gregory, Gregor — Greg, Gregg; Griffith, Griffin — Griff; Guy; Harold — Hal, Harry; Harris, Harrison — Harry; Harvey — Harve; Hector; Henry — Harry, Hank, Hal; Herbert — Herb, Bert, Bertie; Herman — Manny, Mannie; Hilary, Hillary — Hill, Hillie, Hilly; Homer; Horace, Horatio; Howard — Howie; Hubert — Hugh, Bert, Bertie, Hube; Hugh — Hughie, Hugo; Humphrey, Humphry — Humph; Ian ; Ignatius — Iggy, Nate; Immanuel — Manny, Mannie see Emmanuel ; Irvin, Irvine, Irving, Irwin see Ervin ; Isaac, Isaak — Ike; Isidore, Isidor, Isadore, Isador — Izzy; Ivor; Jack — Jackie, Jacky see John ; Jacob — Jake, Jay; James — Jim, Jimmy, Jimmie, Jamie, Jem; Jared — Jerry; Jarvis, Jervis — Jerry; Jason — Jay; Jasper — Jay; Jefferson — Jeff; Jeffrey, Jeffery, Geoffrey — Jeff; Jeremy, Jeremiah — Jerry; Jerome — Jerry; Jesse — Jess, Jessie, Jessy; Joel — Joe; John — Jack, Jackie, Jacky, Johnny; Jonathan — Jon, Jonny; Joseph — Joe, Joey, Jo, Jos, Jody; Joshua — Josh; Judson — Jud, Sonny; Julian, Julius — Jule, Jules; Justin — Jus, Just; Karl , Carl; Keith; Kelly, Kelley; Kelvin — Kel, Kelly; Kendall — Ken, Kenny; Kendrick — Ken, Kenny, Rick, Ricky; Kenneth — Ken, Kenny; Kent — Ken, Kenny; Kevin — Kev; Kirk; Kristopher, Kristofer — Kris, Kit, Kester see Christopher ; Kurt, Curt; Kyle; Lambert — Bert; Lamont — Monty, Monte; Lancelot, Launcelot — Lance; Laurence, Lawrence, Lorence, Lorenzo — Larry, Lars, Laurie, Lawrie, Loren, Lauren; Lee, Leigh; Leo, Leon — Lee; Leonard — Leo, Leon, Len, Lenny, Lennie; Leopold — Leo, Poldie; Leroy, Leeroy — Lee, Roy; Leslie, Lesley — Les; Lester — Les; Lewis — Lew, Lewie; Lincoln — Lin, Linc, Lynn; Lindon, Lyndon — Lin, Lynn; Lindsay, Lindsey — Lin, Lynn; Linus; Lionel — Leo, Leon; Llewellyn — Llew, Lyn; Lloyd, Loyd, Loyde, Floyd — Loy, Floy; Logan; Lonnie, Lonny see Alonso ; Louis — Lou, Louie; Lowell, Lovell; Lucian, Lucius — Lu, Luke; Luke, Lucas — Luke; Luther — Loot, Luth; Lyle, Lyall; Lynn; Malcolm — Mal, Malc, Mac; Manuel — Manny, Mannie see Emmanuel ; Marion; Mark, Marc, Marcus — Mark, Marc; Marshall, Marshal; Martin — Mart, Marty; Marvin, Mervin — Marv, Merv; Matthew — Matt, Mat, Matty, Mattie; Matthias — Matt, Mat, Matty, Mattie; Maurice, Morris — Morry, Morey, Moe; Maximilian — Max; Maxwell — Max; Maynard; Melvin — Mel; Merlin — Merle; Merrill, Merril, Merill; Michael — Mike, Mikey, Mick, Mickey, Micky; Miles, Myles — Milo; Milo; Milton — Milt; Mitchell — Mitch; Monroe, Munroe; Montague — Monty, Monte; Montgomery — Monty, Monte; Morgan — Mo; Mortimer — Mort, Morty; Morton — Mort, Morty; Moses — Mo, Moe, Mose, Moss; Murray, Murry; Nathan , Nathaniel — Nat, Nate, Natty; Neal, Neil; Nelson — Nel, Nell, Nels; Nevill, Nevil, Nevile, Neville — Nev; Newton — Newt; Nicholas, Nicolas — Nick, Nicky, Nicol, Cole, Colin; Nigel — Nige; Noah; Noel, Nowell; Norbert — Bert; Norris — Nor, Norrie; Norman — Norm, Normie, Nor, Norrie; Norton — Nort; Oliver — Ollie, Noll, Nollie, Nolly; Orson; Orville — Orv, Ollie; Osbert — Ossy, Ozzie, Ozzy, Bert; Osborn, Osborne — Ossy, Ozzie, Ozzy; Oscar — Os, Ossy; Osmond, Osmund — Ossy, Ozzie, Ozzy; Oswald, Oswold — Os, Ossy, Oz, Ozzie, Ozzy; Otis; Owen; Patrick — Pat, Paddy, Patsy; Paul — Pauly; Percival, Perceval — Percy, Perce; Perry; Peter — Pete, Petie, Petey; Philip, Phillip — Phil, Pip; Preston; Quentin , Quintin, Quenton, Quinton — Quinn; Quincy, Quincey — Quinn; Ralph — Raff, Rafe, Ralphy; Randall, Randal — Rand, Randy; Randolph — Rand, Randy, Dolph; Raphael, Rafael — Raff, Rafe; Raymond, Raymund — Ray; Reginald — Reg, Reggie, Renny, Rex; Rene; Reuben, Ruben, Rubin — Rube, Ruby; Reynold — Ray; Richard — Dick, Rick, Ricky, Rich, Richie; Rick — Ricky see Cedric, Derek, Eric, Frederick, Richard, Roderic, Broderick, Kendrick ; Robert — Bob, Bobbie, Bobby, Dob, Rob, Robbie, Robby, Robin, Bert; Roderic, Roderick — Rod, Roddy, Rick, Ricky; Rodney — Rod, Roddy; Roger, Rodger — Rod, Roddy, Rodge, Roge; Roland, Rowland — Rolly, Roly, Rowly, Orlando; Rolph, Rolf, Rolfe see Rudolph ; Roman — Rom, Romy; Ronald — Ron, Ronnie, Ronny; Ron — Ronnie, Ronny see Aaron, Byron, Cameron, Ronald ; Roscoe — Ross; Ross; Roy; Rudolph, Rudolf — Rudy, Rolf, Rolph, Dolph, Dolf; Rufus — Rufe; Rupert; Russell, Russel — Russ; Ryan; Samson , Sampson — Sam, Sammy; Samuel — Sam, Sammy; Sanford — Sandy, Ford; Saul; Scott — Scotty; Sean, Shaun, Shawn, Shane; Sebastian — Seb, Bass; Serge; Seth; Seymour — Morey, Sy; Shannon, Shanon; Sheldon — Shelly, Shel, Don; Shelley, Shelly, Shellie — Shel; Sherman; Shelton — Shelly, Shel, Tony; Sidney, Sydney — Sid, Syd; Silas — Si, Sy; Silvester, Sylvester — Syl, Vester; Simeon — Sim, Simie, Simmy; Simon — Si, Sy, Sim, Simie, Simmy; Solomon — Sol, Solly, Sal; Sonny — Son; Spencer; Stacy, Stacey see Eustace ; Stanley — Stan; Stephen, Steven, Stephan, Steffan, Stefan — Steve, Stevie, Steph, Steff, Stef; Stuart, Stewart — Stu, Stew; Terence , Terrence, Terrance — Terry; Thaddeus, Thadeus — Tad, Thad; Theodore, Theodor — Ted, Teddy, Theo, Terry; Thomas — Tom, Tommy; Timothy — Tim, Timmy; Tobias — Toby, Tobi, Tobie; Todd; Tony see Anthony ; Tracy, Tracey; Travis — Trav; Trenton — Trent; Trevor — Trev; Tristram, Tristam, Tristan — Tris; Troy; Tyler — Ty; Tyrone, Tyron — Ty; Ulysses — Uly, Uli, Lyss; Uriah, Urias — Uri, Uria; Valentine , Valentin — Val; Valerian, Valerius — Val; Van; Vance — Van; Vaughan, Vaughn; Vernon — Vern, Verne; Victor — Vic, Vick; Vincent — Vince, Vin, Vinny; Virgil, Vergil — Virge; Wallace , Wallis — Wally, Wallie; Waldo; Walter — Walt, Wally, Wallie; Warren; Wayne; Wesley — Wes; Wendell — Dell, Del; Wilbert — Will, Willie, Willy, Bert; Wilbur, Wilber — Will, Willie, Willy; Wiley — Will, Willie, Willy; Wilfred, Wilfrid — Will, Willie, Willy, Fred, Freddie, Freddy; Willard — Will, Willie, Willy; William — Bill, Billy, Billie, Will, Willie, Willy, Liam; Willis — Bill, Billy, Billie, Will, Willie, Willy; Wilson — Will, Willie, Willy; Winfred, Winfrid — Win, Winnie, Winny, Fred, Freddie, Freddy; Winston — Win, Winnie, Winny; Woodrow — Wood, Woody; Xavier — Zave; Zachary, Zachariah, Zacharias — Zack, Zacky, Zach. 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